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Devotees Walk Across KL To Celebrate Buddhas Birthday

With millions of Buddhists living in Malaysia, it is no wonder that Wesak is one of Malaysia’s major festivals. The festival is to remember the birthday, enlightenment and death of the revered Buddha. Wesak day on 2013 saw over 20,000 Buddhists of varying ages parading 12km across Kuala Lumpur’s major destinations -Bukit Bintang, Chinatown and Brickfields.

The parade started its trek at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple, Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur and consisted of 25 massive and awe-inspiring floats displaying Buddhist statues and symbols, flanked by colourful decorations and beautiful lights. The devotees of Buddhism followed the floats diligently while chanting hymns, creating an interesting procession that managed to attract the attention of passer-bys, many whom were deeply intrigued by the curious sight as well as the grandeur of the floats. Having started at 7.30 evening, the procession journeyed over three hours before returning to the temple.