Magpie Robin Club

Serdang is most well-known for its affordable yet delicious food offerings, yet nestled among the numerous eateries lie one of the few gathering spots in Malaysia for magpie robin lovers. Magpies are small, beautiful birds with a sharp singing voice, which often can be found fighting in nature.

Keeping magpies are a somewhat popular hobby among the older generation of Chinese - Malaysians. The club is located in a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city, fully equipped with a mini canteen and other entertainment such as mah-jong tables.


The club has been around for over 6 years, and every morning magpie enthusiasts gather at the place from 7am onwards, staying on till late evening.

You can find hundreds of birds on weekends and public holidays! The hobbyists are often seen either playing or bathing with their bird, or they may be talking with their fellow friends on magpie-related issues. Mostly consisting of retirees, the club members keep the magpies as their pastime.


The hobby can require quite a good amount of money. Magpies can take a few years to raise properly, during which they will cost roughly about RM150 per month. Also, magpie cages are often carefully crafted and made to complement the birds - the cages are often created by skilled craftsmen with beautiful and detailed decorations adorning the sides of the item. The cost of a cage can cost from RM800 and above!