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Sata - Delicious fish paste snack from Terengganu

Have you heard of Sata ? A delicious fish snack that normally comes in small portions, fresh fish paste is wrapped in banana or pandan leaves, and like the better known otak-otak, also grilled over hot charcoal, giving off an amazing aroma.


One of Terengganu's most popular snack is state's best kept secret, there are normally two variations of sata - in small conical shapes or bigger single packages.


Those you want to find authentic sata, head to Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya (Jln SS 6/1) during the month-long Ramadan bazaars. Nawi Hassan with his children came all the way from Terengganu bring you the fresh & original sata. He has been in this Ramadan bazaar for many years so if you miss him this year, come next season and look for his gentle and friendly Terengganu welcome!

Nawi can be contacted @ 011 14889917