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Great Spikes of Gunung Api

Few trekkers have journeyed to Mulu without taking the chance to view the Pinnacles–giant, majestic spikes of limestone that burst out from the side of Mount Api. The cold grey stone of the Pinnacles contrast greatly with the bright green flora surrounding it, and with some rising over 45 metres tall, the Pinnacles are a sight to behold.


The Pinnacles are formed across thousands of years, slowly carved by a relentless flow of water that eroded limestone rocks into the jagged structures we know today.

The 1,600 Pandas World Tour started in 2008 as collaboration between WWF and Paulo Grangeon, an enthusiastic French sculptor who created the 1,600 papier mache pandas. With over 30 years of experience in his craft, Grangeon created the pandas in various poses, emotions and sizes using recycled paper (paper mache), as a symbolic representation of the amount of pandas left in the wild.