Celebrating Wonders of Rice

Rice has been the staple food for much of Asia, including Malaysia, for centuries now, and it is a significant part of the region’s cuisine. Not only is the crop eaten plain as cooked rice, but it is also turned into a variety of interesting food such as noodles, ricecakes, wine and much more.

With the important role of rice has in daily Malaysian life, it seems only apt to remember and celebrate its significance. Completed and officially launched in 2004, the Muzium Padi (Paddy Museum) is one of only few rice museums in the world, and is rightfully located in the state of Kedah, known as the “Rice Bowl of Malaysia”.

Boasting over 12,000 square metres over 3 floors, the establishment is dedicated to documenting the history and culture of rice cultivation in Malaysia as well as showcasing the latest technological development in the rice industry.


The museum has exhibits ranging from traditional farming methods and equipment and tools to numerous rice varieties and informational displays. For only RM3 (for adults) or RM1 (for children), visitors can learn almost everything humanity knows about this marvellous crop, which had fed millions throughout the years.

If you’re paying Kedah or Alor Setar a visit, don’t miss out on the paddy museum! Interested parties can reach the Paddy Museum with the following details:


Muzium Padi, Lot798 Jalan Gunung Keriang, Mukim Gunung Keriang, 06570 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.

Tel. No: 04-7351315