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Mobile Hair Saloon

Here’s a revolutionary way to cut your hair. Not the usual run-of-the-mill hair dressing salon, boutique or otherwise, upscale or down-to-earth mamak hole- in-the-wall. This one’s a definite game- changer: it’s a mobile hair salon that runs on wheels, hence ‘wheel cut’ – get it? And it’s now finally here in Malaysia plying its trade on our roads, so to speak.


First, what’s the cut on wheels like? The cut’s still the same; it’s cheap, fast and done the way you want it – nothing’s changed – but it’s the novelty of stepping into a vehicle that looks like a motorhome converted into a hair dressing salon that’s such a big spin! The Wheel Cut mobile hair salon first made its appearance in Malaysia in 2008. It does its rounds every day by stationing itself at busy places in Klang – except in the evenings where you can only find it parked at various spots at the Klang pasar malam (night market ).

Whether Wheel Cut has evolved from a lone wolf mobile hair salon into a full fleet making its presence felt, one thing’s for certain: it offers to cut your hair in any style you fancy (just make sure you tell the hairstylist exactly how you want it), and within 10 minutes and RM15/- poorer, you get what you stepped into the mobile hair salon for.