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A Strange Sight

If you were taking the train in Kuala Lumpur on February 23, 2013, you may have encountered an unnaturally large group of people wearing sarong and taking the train. No, there isn’t a big disaster forcing everyone to take the train in their sleepwear–it’s just a project named Sarong Keretapi by Random Alphabets to add some colour into KL.


Random Alphabets are already well known in Malaysia for creating some of the more eye catching spontaneous events, flashmobs and guerrilla events since 2008. They have attracted nationwide attention for their antics since they began their activity.


The Sarong Keretapi event is a Malaysianized version of New York’s No Pants event, where, in 2009 over a thousand Americans took the subway without wearing any pants at all. Sarong Keretapi is already in its second year and it has managed to gather hundreds of participants for 2013.


For the Sarong Keretapi event, the Sarong group gathered at Pudu and Titiwangsa LRT stations where they met up and took the train together. All the participants then gathered at a final destination to take pictures and mingle before officially ending the event.