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Comic Fiesta 2013

The Grand Finals of The Legends Circuit took place in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 21 & 22 December. It was an epic clash between the titans in Singapore and Malaysia after a long and gruelling summer season. The event was part of the biggest League of Legends e-sport event in Malaysia with at least 25,000 fans drawn from both online and offline platforms, including on-location participation.


Team favourites, Singapore Sentinels emerged champions, bagging the first prize of RM20,000. Second prize went to Insidious Gaming Exile who walked away with RM10,000, while third prize winners were Team KTHXBAI whose prize money was RM7,000. Local favourites Kuala Lumpur Hunters, however, only managed to earn fourth place with RM5,000 prize money.


Held simultaneously with the Legends Circuit Grand Finals was the Cosplay Competition, participated by some of the region’s top cosplay players vying for a piece of the grand total prize money of RM12,000. Judging from the enthusiasm of the audience towards the Cosplay Competition, no one can doubt the popularity of cosplay among young people growing up in the IT computer age. Quite a number of the young people present were accompanied by their parents who were equally excited about the Cosplay Competition.


In fact, many parents nowadays accept the fact that cosplay is becoming an integral part of their teenager’s world. They understand that this is the growing-up stage of the teenagers in the IT computer age and thus allow them the space to interact with their peers on that basis. Teens take cosplay as an avenue to express themselves by dressing up and acting like their dream comic actor. The photos of themselves in their favourite costumes will no doubt be cherished as life-long memories of their growing-up years.