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Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival

Since 1995, Pasir Gudang in Johor had been the home for one of the most prestigious kite festival in the world, the Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival. The kite festival, which is organized by the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council along with the Johor Government, has completed its 16th event held on 16-20 February 2011, next to the famous Pasir Gudang Kite Museum at Kite Hill (Bukit Layang Layang).


Every year, kite enthusiasts from all around the world gather for this happening event, which is filled with kite-related activities such as workshops, exhibitions and displays. Every year, colourful kites of all shapes and design fill and decorate the sky of Johor, making for an impressive sight. The 2011 festival continued a trend of growth, being the biggest yet with over 220 foreign participants from 30 different countries, many coming from faraway countries such as France, Austria and Spain.