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Major Rice Producing Areas Of Malaysia

People that are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life should take some time off to visit Sekinchan, a place known as the “rice bowl” of Malaysia.


This charming little town situated on the north-western part of Selangor is quaint and undeveloped, filled with paddy fields that stretch as far as the eyes can see. As one of Malaysia’s biggest rice producers, it boasts a sea of green and gold that is definitely a pleasant change from the concrete jungle most urban dwellers are used to.


Other than paddy fields, Sekinchan also hosts a number of fishing villages that might warrant a visit for those who would like to have a look. Visitors can often find fishermen at work at the fishing docks, sorting through and processing the fishes they caught. One word of caution though-it can be a very smelly experience, especially for those not used to it!

As a fishermen’s town, Sekinchan is also gradually gaining popularity with foodies for fresh and cheap seafood. City folks looking for a refreshing change of pace should definitely pay Sekinchan a visit-the beautiful view, nice food and relaxing environment will recharge even the emptiest of batteries!