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Northern Most State In Malaysia

Perlis is also the smallest state in the nation, spanning only 821 square metres wide and claiming a population of about 200,000. The capital of Perlis is Kangar, while its royal town, where the Royal Palace of the Raja of Perlis can be found, is Arau.

Brief History

Perlis was historically under the power of Kedah. However, an incident during the early 1800s which caused Siam to conquer Kedah led to the formation of Perlis when the Sultan of Kedah accepted Siamese terms to return as the ruler of Kedah, Siam had separated Perlis into a separate area to be directly under the power of Bangkok. Perlis has been known as a separate state to this day.


The grandson of the Sultan of Kedah was made into the first Raja of Perlis, and since then his descendants have ruled Perlis ever since. Unlike the majority of the Malaysian states, the ruler of Perlis is known as the Raja instead of Sultan.

Perlis Today


Perlis is less industrialized compared to the rest of Malaysia, and as such boasts a natural unspoilt beauty. Quaint villages and awe-inspiring fields of padi, rolling across the horizon are a common sight in the state. Perlis is primarily an agricultural state, with the agricultural industry contributing the most to the state’s economy. Other important industries include forestry and fishery, although efforts are being made to establish an active trade, technology and manufacturing industry in the state.