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A Strange Porridge Adventure

The stall has been operating for over 60 years since the time of the father of the current owner and before even the independence of Malaysia. Here is where many memories of old Penangnites reside, memories of gatherings and tasty porridge.


How does it feel eating porridge seated only on a small wooden stool? It’s quite an interesting and refreshing experience.


“Last time, the stall was quite short, and people from Tangshan (Region In China) liked to squat over small benches to eat porridge and dishes.” That tradition remains here, even after the stall, as time passed by grew taller and taller. Stools are placed upon large benches to match the stall’s height, ensuring the continued survival of this particular eating culture from the colonial period.

We visited during the peak lunch period, and the owner was busily preparing porridge and dishes while replying. Voices, shouting “any shark meat today?”, “less oil on the meat!” were heard, showing that the place is filled with regulars. The fire in the back kitchen burns bright as the female helper busily cooks new dishes. The son, the fortunate successor of the business, runs about carrying the porridge and other food.


“We used to sell sweet potato porridge, but now we sell only white porridge. The porridge is prepared fresh every day, and it only takes 10 minutes or so to prepare one big pot.”


The porridge is cooked with the Hokkien method. Each grain of rice is distinct, and the tasteless porridge has to depend on the dishes for flavour.


Although it has been decades, with many other choices appearing in Penang throughout the years, the regulars are still very fond of this place. “The dishes here have a special flavour that reminds one of the past.” The taste recalls the youthful years for many of the visitors. For not more than RM6, one can experience a familiar taste and satisfaction definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Interested parties can go to :

Place : Opposite Penang First Avenue. Operating Time : 10am-6pm