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Rest And Relaxation!

Hidden away at a corner of Petaling Jaya is the Kelana Jaya Lake Park home to one of the largest lakes in Petaling Jaya with a jogging track, sports complex and a stadium in its vicinity.


Originally a mining pond, the lake was redeveloped into a public park in the 1980s, resulting in its current state.


Despite going through a deterioration of water quality in the early 1990s not too long after it was developed, the park was well-loved enough that its condition spurred the local community into action, launching a rehabilitation programme.

After years of working at the park, the Project Committee has now made visible progress and has restored a portion of the park’s former beauty.


The Kelana Jaya Lake Park is popular with locals looking for a quiet place to enjoy, exercise and relax in.


The jogging track around the lake is popular for people looking for a spot to jog and walk, while the Kelana Jaya Sports Stadium nearby has facilities perfect for tennis, badminton and swimming. Recently, an art gallery and art tuition centre has opened up near the place, providing even more activity options for visitors.