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The Soothing Hill Resort

In the 1890s, Louis James Fraser struck a tin vein high up in the Titiwangsa mountain range. The tin ran out in the early 1900s, but Fraser’s Hill, named after its founder, was by then a busy outpost filled with chinese miners recruited by L.J Fraser. With the hill’s cool weather and relaxing atmosphere however, the area was not abandoned, but remade into a hill station. It took only a few years and Fraser’s Hill was quickly populated with bungalows, homes, country clubs and golf courses.


Fraser’s Hill, despite its name, actually consists of seven different peaks. Located about 100 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Fraser’s Hill is a popular retreat to escape from the heat of the Malaysian lowlands.

Today, Fraser’s Hill is a perfect mixture of natural beauty and modern convenience, with virgin forests and human facilities co-existing side by side. Quaint buildings from the early 1900s are also a common sight here, lending their charm to the soothing atmosphere.


Outdoor activities such as nature walk, jungle trekking and mountain biking are frequently performed in Fraser’s Hill due to its breathtaking natural environment as well as its cooling climate. Fraser’s Hill is especially popular with birdwatchers due to being home for over 270 species of local and migratory birds, and is the home to the annual International Bird Race held in June every year.