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New Flanked By Newly Opened Kasturi Walk

Central Market, the Malaysia century-old heritage establishment found in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and one of the city’s most significant art & craft centres, recently welcomed the addition of the brand new Kasturi Walk a covered retail area built over Lorong Kasturi, the lane next to Central Market.


The newest addition to the site, the Kasturi Walk boasts 3 giant, awe-inspiring pewter-coated polycarbonate wau bulan, which holds up the entire structure that shelters 55 retail and food & beverage kiosks set up along the walk. The structure is constructed using modern architectural methods, yet the design-particularly the emphasis on the three wau bulans manages to balance things out by adding in a heavy touch of Malay art, culture and heritage to the atmosphere. The walkway project is targeted at attracting more tourists and interest to the Malaysian arts and crafts centre.

Central Market began its life as an open wet market all the way back in 1888, and KL’s rapid development necessitated a proper building for all the vendors, and an upgrade in the 1930s created the appearance we know and love today.

KL’s rapid evolution soon resulted in the unfeasibility of a wet market located so deep inside the city’s urban jungle. Central Market would have been demolished in the 1970s, if not for the efforts of the Malaysian Heritage Society, which turned it into a centre for Malaysian culture, arts and handicraft. Central Market continues to promote Malaysian heritage to both locals and tourists alike to this very day.


Although the external appearance has remained unchanged, Central Market had undergone various upgrades throughout the years. Today, other than a variety of arts, handicrafts and cultural items, one can also find many modern facilities in Central Market as well as modern commercial shops such as Secret Recipe and Famous Amos a blend of traditional wonder and modern convenience, all under one roof.

Kasturi Walk Operation Hours : 11.00 am – 11.00 pm


DAILY PERFORMANCE : Cultural Performances : 9.00 pm