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A Quaint Experience

If you are wondering where to go in Malaysia for light food and handicraft, you may find this in Penang, a new tourist attraction in Malaysia. Many of the new food joints opening up these days are sleek and formal looking. In comparison, nestled along Lebuh Queen in Penang is Chai Diam Ma—a quaint and charming establishment which is a mix of a café and a shop, serving great food and selling homemade creative crafts by talented local artists. It is a place where one can enjoy great home-cooked meals while admiring the blooming talents of the Malaysian arts & crafts scene.

Visitors arriving at the shop are greeted by interesting hand-drawn signs at the entrance, such as the signboard of the shop, signs promoting the local handmade arts found within and notifications of other.

information. The interior of the shops looks old, but it is contrasted by a variety of colourful artworks, fun decorations and oddly mismatched furniture that somehow fits together, giving the place a very fun, charming atmosphere.


The menu is reportedly limited, but it is said that

the menu is changed almost every day. If you’re in the area and are looking for a good and artsy dining experience, give Chai Diam Ma a try.