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Although one of the smallest national parks in Sarawak, Bako National Park is the state’s oldest and arguably it’s most interesting. Bako National Park is a great place to experience the natural gems of Borneo, with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, awe-inspiring coastlines and beaches, beautiful streams and waterfalls as well as trekking trails and paths ripe for exploration.


Located about 40km away from the state capital Kuching, Bako National Park can only be reached after a 20-30 minute boat ride from the village of Kampung Bako. The park, which stretches over 27 square kilometers was established in 1957 and as such has enjoyed the status of being a protected area for over 50 years.


For nature enthusiasts, Bako Natural Park is a treasure trove as it contains about every flora and fauna species native to Borneo. There is an incredible variety of plants and vegetation from many different ecosystems, while the animals and beasts found in the park are used to human presence and as such are much less wary of people. The park is especially notable for its large population, numbering about 150, of the endangered proboscis monkeys, making it one of the few places on earth that one can spot the rare animal. The park is also a popular birdwatching site, with over a hundred avian species recorded thus far.

The park is also well-known to hikers and jungle trekkers for its extensive network of walking trails throughout the area. Bako’s 16 jungle trails which are colour-coded offer trekking and hiking options to almost everyone, ranging from a simple forest walk for the unadventurous to full-day hikes and trekking into the deeper parts of the jungle for the more enthusiastic.