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Morib Old and Classic Bicycles Show 2014

Dataran Pantai Morib was abuzz with rows of old and classic bicycles gathered from around the country throughout this week. Over 300 participants with various types of bicycles are expected to join the over 10 kilometre ride around Morib and Banting, commencing December 8, 2014.


Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, The Exco of Malay Customs, Rural Development and Traditional Villages, said that the programme is in line with the efforts to uphold heritage and artistry by the state government. These old and classic bicycles definitely have its own uniqueness and we want this heritage to continue for future generations.


“In addition, this programme can also build the bond of unity and healthy interaction towards creating a nation strong in its cultural heritage” he said during the opening speech at the Malayan Classic and Old Bicycles Gathering last Sunday. Among the exhibits were utility, service and military bicycles that were more than a century old. Vintage bicycles that were abundant in the early days of Malaya ranged from manufacturers like Raleigh, Hercules, Robinhood, Phillips, BSA, Sunbeam, Triumph, Hudson and Rudge.

One of the participants, Zain Omar from the Army’s fire fighting unit became the talk of town with his vintage fireman’s bike. He said, “the special British-made bicycle was used in the 1880’s. I spend a fortune to refurbish the old bike which was purchased from an antique dealer, few years ago. The fire-fighting equipment which was mounted on the bike was sourced from various antique collectors domestic and foreign.”

Right after the opening speech, the guests of honour and visitors were served the special Javanese dish, Nasi Ambeng, which was served in a tray and eaten together. Although feeling a little awkward, Jos Rietveld from the Netherlands said that his experience while in Morib was very exciting. “I am quite familiar with fried rice and Indonesian cuisine, but no doubt this evening’s meal was tasty and appetising. The intention was to join the cycling event, but who would have thought I would experience something different, which was nonetheless great,” he said.


A fan of classic bicycles, he has over 20 bicycle collections and his oldest collection is over 110 years old. Rietveld and Alex also joined the cycling event which began as early as 8am. A team from The Malaysian Book of Records was at hand to witness the function and have officially recorded it into the book.