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mana.my isn’t just a website – we’re a cultural ‘weblife’, bringing you the best of Malaysian culture through pictures! All too often, gems of Malaysian culture go unnoticed by visitors and locals alike. mana.my hopes to highlight these fascinating aspects of Malaysia, opening your eyes to the wonders that can be found within the country.


“mana” means “where” in Malay, and that is exactly what we hope to show – the best “wheres” for you to go, look and experience the intriguing identity and character of this multi-cultural nation.

In this site, you will find enlightening insights and articles about culture, beauty and the way of life in Malaysia, with their unique essences captured in pictures. We hope to build the most comprehensive information centre on what makes Malaysia truly Malaysian! Here, see, experience and learn more about unique places, valuable heritage, fascinating customs and practices and many more that you didn’t know existed, all from the comfort of your own home!


Experience Malaysian life through mana.my, a weblife that is your trusted guide to all things that make Malaysia a fascinating and unique visual experience. After all, mana.my is culture in pictures!

To experience more of mana.my on Malaysian cultures and lifestyles presented on You Tube video footage, log on to: http://www.youtube.com/user/Manaweblife